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The next increment we've decided to deliver is a page dedicated to getting an overview and improving your cash flow.

Welcome to our 2-Weeks-To-Get-It-Real Challenge!

Why a dedicated landing page?

Over the past few weeks, we have delivered many new pages.

We developed the feeling that we were losing focus a bit: giving a quick and instant overview of the state of your business. Some of you shared such an opinion.

Historically, we have been very focused on sales management. The recent change in global economic circumstances has led us to strengthen the treasury aspect further.

Cash management had become a bit of a mess, and we had lost the thread between the different pages we had made public.

Where was the glue? What was the logical link between the different pages?

By adding the treasury landing page, we want to unify the various elements and provide you with the guide to improve your treasury position.

We owe it to Caesar to give back what belongs to him. This idea of a landing page did not just come out of the blue. We came up with the idea when we attended a webinar given by QuickBooks France on the theme of "VSEs and SMEs: Managing Cash Flow in an Uncertain World." An accountant shared his vow to have a simple tool to highlight the actions to be made to his clients.

[Side note] In general, I invite you to register for their webinars. They are very informative and of high quality. I would also like to make it clear that I am in no way sponsored to write this.

How to read the landing page?

Business questions at the heart

Business Questions & Management By Exception

Our brains find it easier to position themselves in front of a simple and direct question, rather than in front of a statement.

Observe the difference in how you feel about the following two elements:

  • Cash collection
  • Are we able to get paid on time?

The two elements deal with the same subject: your ability to collect bills on time.

The "title" version (Cash Collection) does not provoke anything. It's flat; it's bland. Your attention slips on it without even stopping. Whether it's this title or another, your focus is certainly taken up by something else.

Now, let's spice it up a bit. Let's turn this title into a question (Are we able to get paid on time?). The question has the merit of immediately arousing the excitement and anxiety of waiting for an answer. Suspense is born. You put your brain directly on the alert. Only the answer will calm it down. Dopamine.

Pr. Georges, a neurosurgeon, demonstrated this increased focus on simple and direct questions in his work on how the human brain behaves when faced with information.

Business questions, then. Closed questions reduce the uncertainty linked to interpretation. A closed question is a question with a binary answer: "Yes" or "No."

Management By Exception continues its quest.

The Management By Exception remains at the heart of our concerns to bring you peace of mind and better organize your time. We had reintroduced - or rather put the emphasis back on - the concept of Management by Exception when we redesigned the tiles on the main dashboard.

The concept of Management By Exception turns around dealing in priority with the most significant deviations to objective rather than spending time on under control topics.

We answer each question with a colored lamp. Each color has its meaning.

  • Red: you are not there yet. The question deserves your attention first.
  • Amber: It's in the process of being completed. There is no need to worry. You will look at it if you still have time.
  • Green: The company reached its goal. The performance is acceptable or even better. It's right for you - and your peace of mind to know it - but since your time is precious and limited, there's no reason to be complacent.

We also like to point out the next questions we'll be answering. Greyed questions are not available yet. We are planning to deliver them soon. That way, you are informed of what is to come. And, on the other side, we are forced to deliver that new piece of software quickly. We wouldn't like to see a question greyed out for weeks at a time. Win-win.

Highlighting The Process

The red wire, here it is.

Treasury Process

We hope to give you a better view of the overall aspect of your cash flow by indicating the process. Such a landing page is a test. If the experiment is successful, we will repeat the concept for the other business areas that kopilot deals with.

We have worked on a simple four-step method to improve your cash position. More concrete actions are revealing throughout the pages, and according to your situation in real-time.

We would like to help you improve your cash position in 4 simple steps:

  • Step1 - Collect your bills on time. Your expected payments are the first source of funding. Educate your customers to pay on time. Reassure you that your organization is flying with the maximum possible resources - and above all, protect it from the risk of a payment default.
  • Step 2- Pay your bills as late as possible. Paying your bills on time is essential since who pays his debts gets richer. Vendor payment delay is the cheapest credit line you have. Sometimes you need to be able to delay certain payments. Jump into the detailed view to see what are the payment that you could delay.
  • Step 3- Plan your cash flow for the next 90 days. A cash-flow forecast is an indispensable tool for the business owner. Planning your cash flow reveals issues before they occur, which can give you time to react and find the resources to get through a more challenging period.
  • Step 4- Cut your costs. As soon as your forecasts go down, we want you to be able to chase the fat out and return to a leaner version - if that's still possible.

Key figures to give you context

kpi - treasury key performance indicators

If we want to give you a comprehensive and future-oriented view, we must also consider your company's current situation.

We, therefore, provide you with the key figures for the area. Each tile is clickable to be a doorway to the more detailed page that presents that figure.

Resources to feed your curiosity or to give you the steps to follow

Documentation center

One of the most frequent feedback we get is the questioning of the concrete actions to be taken. We have received questions about how to write a payment reminder or about what the standard practices are.

To each his trade. If you are an ace at running your business and its operations, sometimes you may wonder about specific points. That's okay. We are here to answer your questions.

Our experience as management control consultants, and the many companies we have accompanied, have taught us many things. Our knowledge is scattered on our internal documentation bases, and we would like to share it with you as well.

We hope to enrich your data on an area of resources we have gained over time and assignments. Please use those articles for your purposes.

* * *

This landing page is an attempt to make kopilot navigation more fluid, enrich your experience, and, above all, give you peace of mind by answering your questions.

Feel free to comment, add your remarks, share your thoughts. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Oh, I almost forgot. To some of you, client portfolio management, and the client life cycle is a priority. Portfolio Management and Client Lifecycle allow you to run targeted marketing campaigns and to accompany customers differently. We always think about it. You are not the forgotten ones of kopilot.

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