It might happen that the link between kopilot and QuickBooks is broken;
Or you decided to disconnect your QuickBooks accounts from kopilot;
and it might also happen that you want to established the link again. 

Here is how to do. Follow the six steps process, and everything is going to back to normal.

1- Click on the connector icon. You can find it in the top-right corner of any kopilot page.

2- A pop-up opened informing you that your account is Disconnected.
Click on Settings.

3- Scroll a bit down till the Connector Section.
Click on the Connect to QuickBooks button to launch the connexion sequence.

4- Intuit (the software editor of QuickBooks) requests you to log in to grant access to your account.

5- QuickBooks requests your confirmation.
Click on Next.

6- That's it. kopilot is syncing your data. Wait for the three minutes processing to access your business information again.

Easy, isn't it?

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