For those having the chance to manage a couple or several businesses, kopilot may host all your companies within the same account.
The current document is a 9-step guide presenting how to add a company to your kopilot account.

Follow the guide.

1- Click on the gear icon in the menu. It displays the company settings.

There is a gear icon on the menu to access the company's settings.

2- Click on "Companies" in the menu.
3- Create on "Create Company" button to trigger the process of adding a company.

To add a company, click on Create Company in the Companies settings.

4- Name the company you want to add. Click on Continue.

A field to name your company in kopilot

5- Configure the company. Pick a connector to feed the data. Define your preferred currency, and when the year starts. Once done, click on Connect. At this stage, the company is added to your account.

Pick your connector. Harvest, QuickBooks or Manual.

6- Launch the initial sync by hitting the Connect button.

A button to launch the initial sync.

7- Authorize kopilot to grant access to your software.

Harvest or QuickBooks requires kopilot to be authorized.

8- That’s it. Wait for the three minutes to let kopilot finish the initial sync. Click the Enter app button when it appears.

An overview of the sync progression between kopilot and your software.

9- Youhouuuu! Your business information is ready.

kopilot dashboard

Marvelous, isn’t it?

* * *

Instant integration with Harvest, or QuickBooks.
Connect your company in seconds.

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