1- Click on the first letter of your company on the top right of your screen. It displays a new element.

2- Click on Settings. It opens a new page, with a new menu on the left.

3- On the menu on the left, click on Companies. The page grouping all the companies you have access opens.

4- Click on Create Company button. This triggers the processing of adding a company to your account.

5- Name the company you want to add. Click on Continue.

6- Configure the company. Pick a connector to feed the data. Define your preferred currency, and when the year starts. Once done, click on Connect. At this stage, the company is added to your account.

7- Launch the initial sync by hitting the Connect button.

8- Authorize kopilot to grant access to your software.

9- That’s it. Wait for the three minutes to let kopilot finish the initial sync. Click the Enter app button when it appears.

10- Youhouuuu! Your business information is ready.

11- Click on the top-right circle to switch from company to another. 

Marvelous, isn’t it?

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