⚡ Linking kopilot to Harvest requires you to have the admin privilege on your Harvest account. More information on how to get the admin rights on your Harvest account is available here.

#1. Log in to kopilot (https://app.kopilot.io/auth/login)

#2. Set up your connector

Click the QuickBooks logo to select it.

Click on the "Connect" button to start the sequence that links both of your accounts. The button is visible during the account configuration process.

Then hit the "Connect to QuickBooks" account to launch the initial sync.

#3 Grant kopilot access to your QuickBooks data

kopilot may not sync your data without your consent. We need you to authorize the sync between both software.

A. (Optional) Sign in to QuickBooks - only if you not logged in already

Intuit (the QuickBooks software editor) may ask you to sign in for further processing.

B. Grant access

QuickBooks requests you to confirm you want to connect with kopilot. Click on "Connect" to authorize kopilot to browse your data. "No, thanks" stops the process.

#4 The sync starts automatically

As soon the authorization is granted, kopilot starts importing your data. It can take up to three minutes. We are extracting your data, enriching it to transform it into business performance insights.

_ _ _ 

In case of error within the process, we will always redirect you to the following screen. 

You will have two options:

  1. Try again to relaunch the process.
  2. Decline to stop the process.

Should you have questions, reach us on support@kopilot.io.

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