Have you forgotten your password ? Oh, no.

1/ In such a case, hit the Forgot Password link on the login page.

2/ On the next screen, we will ask you to provide your email. This step is mandatory to email you the verification code. That verification is critical to reset your password. Once done, hit the Get Code button.

3/ We redirect you on the screen to define your new password. In the meantime, the verification code was emailed to you. Check your inbox.

4. Copy the verification code, or keep it in mind.

5. Return to kopilot. Enter your verification code, and define your new password. Security matters to us: we want up to set a password with at least six characters.
If you don't know yet how to define a strong password, have a look 🔒there🔒 .

Click on Send to confirm your new password. This is it.

6. We redirect you to the login page. Type your email, insert your new password. And you're in again!

_ _ _

Let me know if you're still out of kopilot. I will help you in the process. Hit the icon in the bottom right corner, and drop me a line or two.

Thank you!

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