⚡ Linking kopilot to Harvest requires you to have the admin privilege on your Harvest account. More information on how to get the admin rights on your Harvest account is available here.

#1. Log in to kopilot (https://app.kopilot.io/auth/login)

#2. Click to "Connect" button.

kopilot requests you to check you want to bridge it with your Harvest account. Click on "Connect" button to confirm the operation.

#3. Authorize kopilot to connect with Harvest

Harvest in turn requires your consent to establish a connection to kopilot and send your data to it.

#4. Connection is made ! 

Immediately, data is flying to your kopilot account. Data is also processed and analysed. This operation takes approximately around 1 minute. Then, everything's running.

#5. Enter the app

Click on enter the app to access your data.

Easy, isn't it ?

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