• Total Receivables : The total amount the company has already earned, but payment is not received yet.
  • Late Payments : The number of invoices in overdue. Those should have been already paid, but money is still flying out of the company.
  • Overdue Amount : The total amount our customers should have already paid.
  • Percentage of Amount in overdue : the portion of to be received cash still flying out of your company pocket.
  • Percentage of Invoices in Overdue : the portion of all unpaid invoice that should have been already paid. 
  • Top 5 debtors : the amount per top-5 debtors, and the percentage of total receivables it represents. 

Aged Balances

  • Per Client : The split of unpaid invoices over the time for each debtor. A view to manage your accounts.
  • Per Invoice Owner : unpaid amounts are splitted by invoice owner. A view to give responsibilty to your credit collectors.
  • Per Maturity : unpaid amount are splitted over time period, from open to can-be problematic late. Don't forget : the latest 

Unpaid Invoice List

Find the list of unpaid invoices. And easy way for your payment collection campaigns !

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