Your cash ? You've earned it, so go for it !

Aged Balance ensures your company solvability, by checking cash is entering the company within the shortest delays.

How to use it

Rule #1. Overdue amount must be as low as possible.
Rule #2. Start to collect those having the biggest overdue. The cash you don't have yet doesn't serve your company, but customer one.

Some usage you could find

  1. It prioritizes invoices collection. Always start with the ones having the biggest overdue.
  2. It indicates the amounts to be received by successive periods.
  3. It installs an effective communication between collection services and people in touch with customers.
  4. It objectives the ability to grant payment facilities for certain customers (when they always pay on time for example).
  5. It serves to frame customer follow-up for those having hard times to pay on their bills over the past.
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